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     Hi, my name is Chris, welcome to my website!  The goal of this site is to provide you with as much information as I can on properly dressing you up for your outdoor activities. If you are planning to go on an outdoor adventure, it is important that you are warm, dry and comfortable.  No matter what your outdoor activity may be, we specialize in base layers, jackets, pants, footwear, sunglasses and backpacks for women and men from some of the best and most trusted companies out there.  You can look for and explore products here either by brand, product type, or outdoor activity.

     Also, Check out my YouTube Channel "Me And My Jackets" for hundreds of videos on all of these awesome products!  You can find links to it here on this website.  Thank You, and enjoy your outdoor adventures!


Immerse yourself in the outdoors. Explore all of your best options when it comes to what to wear from head to toe. This website helps you find everything you need from sunglasses, base layers, jackets, pants, footwear, and backpacks. In order to enjoy your activities outdoors, you need to be comfortable, protected, warm, and dry. With the right apparel, you will be ready to discover a world brimming with diverse ecosystems and environments, from rainforests to the arctic, from the seas to the high dessert plains. We are lucky to live in a world with so many incredibly beautiful places, so get out there and enjoy life!


See some of the best sunglasses available for all of your outdoor activities, from the beach to the mountains.

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Base Layers

What's next to your skin must be soft, warm and moisture wicking. This is the key to your comfort.

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Fleeces, Hardshells, Softshells, Ski and Snowboarding Jackets, Down and synthetically insulated jackets to keep you warm and dry.

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Ski bibs, long pants and shorts. Heavy to light. Water proof to quick drying. Durable, breathable and stretchable.

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Your feet are so important. Find your socks, hiking boots, mountaineering boots, and climbing shoes all right here.

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Backpacks And Coolers

Bring what you need wherever you go. Large or small, your backpack must be comfortable and suited for your needs. Coolers can keep what you need cold for days (food, drinks, fish, meat, etc.)

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