Bring Everything That You Need With You

     Your backpacks and coolers are a very important part of your gear.  It must accommodate everything you need, and be comfortable to wear.  It must have straps and pockets to hold things, keep your stuff protected from the weather, and be very durable so that it lasts for years of use.  All of these requirements are not easy to achieve, and should not be taken for granted.  For this reason, many of these backpacks are quite expensive.  However, they are very capable, and trusted by many people for many years.  Simply put, you get what you pay for!

     There are many different types of backpacks and coolers that are designed for different outdoor activities.  Some are just for everyday use, but others are more specifically made for activities such as hiking, skiing, mountain biking, trail running, or photography and travel.  There are even backpacks for hydration.

Here Are Some Examples From Osprey And Peak Design

More Great Backpacks….

Arc’teryx Packs….

Day Packs, Multi-Day Packs, and Travel Packs

Rab Backpacks

A Large Selection Of Packs For All Activities Including Hiking, Climbing, Trail Running, and Snow Sports.  Rab Also Sells Lowe Packs As Well.

Lowe Backpacks

Patagonia & Helly Hansen

Day Packs and Mountaineering Packs

Yeti Coolers And Outdoor Products

One of the best in keeping what you need COLD!

Yeti has some of the best coolers and drinkware you’ll ever find.  Whether you are hiking, trekking, camping, boating, fishing, or hunting, these products are made to keep whatever you need cold for days.  They are built to last a lifetime.  Extremely strong, durable, and made to be outdoors.  It doesn’t get any better than this!