All About The Pants!


     Each of these outdoor apparel brands offers a variety of pants designed for different outdoor activities and conditions for both Men and Women. Here’s a brief overview of each brand’s approach to outdoor pants:

  1. Arc’teryx:

    • Arc’teryx is known for its high-performance outdoor gear, and their pants are no exception. They use advanced materials and technology to create pants that are durable, breathable, and suitable for various outdoor activities.
    • Some popular Arc’teryx pant models include the Beta AR Pant (for extreme weather conditions), the Gamma series pants (for hiking and climbing), and the Sabre series Pants and bibs (for skiing and snowboarding).
    • Arc’teryx pants tend to be on the higher end of the price range due to their quality and performance features.
  2. Patagonia:

    • Patagonia is well-known for its commitment to environmental and social responsibility. They offer a range of outdoor pants that prioritize sustainability and durability.
    • The Torrentshell Pants are great choices for lightweight and packable rain pants. For hiking and climbing, the Patagonia Terravia Pants and Venga Rock Pant are popular options.
    • Patagonia also offers Fair Trade Certified products, which means the workers are paid fair wages.
    • Patagonia also offers a variety of Waders for your fishing adventures!
  3. Helly Hansen:

    • Helly Hansen is a Norwegian brand with a strong focus on waterproof and weather-resistant gear, making them a top choice for activities in wet and cold conditions.
    • The Helly Hansen Loke Pant is a popular choice for rain protection, and the Odin and Verglas series Pants are designed for hiking and trekking.
    • Helly Hansen’s pants are often known for their durability and practicality in challenging weather.  They have many options for various outdoor activities, including skiing and sailing.
  4. Rab:

    • Rab is a British brand known for its mountaineering and climbing gear. Their pants are designed with a focus on performance in alpine conditions.
    • The Rab Kinetic Alpine Pant is a notable offering, designed for both climbing and hiking. It’s waterproof and highly breathable.  The Torque series is also great for mountaineering, and the Khroma series is also popular for mountaineering and skiing. 
    • Rab pants are known for their technical features and are a favorite among climbers and mountaineers.  They have a large selection of pants available for all types of mountain activities as well as casual wear. 

     The choice of brand and specific pants depends on your outdoor activities and the conditions you’ll be facing. Be sure to consider factors like waterproofness, breathability, durability, and fit when selecting outdoor pants. Additionally, personal preferences and budget will also play a role in your decision. It’s a good idea to try on different models and brands to find the one that suits your needs and fits you best.

     Arc’teryx, Helly Hansen, Patagonia, and Rab all offer a wide selection of Pants for so many outdoor activities.  Everything from shorts, lightweight pants for summer, to heavy warm insulated pants for cold winter mountaineering and skiing, as well as waterproof pants for rain and snow.  All are available for both Men and Women.  

     Your pants play an important part of your comfort, and should never be overlooked!  Choose the proper pants for whatever the weather conditions may be.